Iranian saffron: an excellent product

Iranian saffron: an excellent product

Saffron is a small and perennial plant with a height of 10 to 30 cm. From the middle of the follicle or stem, a few long, slim leaves are emerged. From the middle of the leaves, a flower stem comes out which results in one to three flowers. This flowers have 6 violet petals, which may be rose-colored or purple in some varieties. The flowers contain 3 stamens and a pistil which are led to a red-orange triradiate stigma. The part used as food is the end of styloipodium and stigma which is known as Saffron, the aromatic and slightly bitter spice!
Organic Pistachio

Organic Pistachio

Pistachio is a member of the family  of pistachios (Cashew) which originated from Central Asia and Middle East. This tree produces grains having a widespread use in food industry. Pistachio types is determined by geographical distribution and their grains, which have much smaller and soft shells. Archaeological studies show that pistachio has been common since 6750 BC as a food. A famous historian, Pollini, believes that the pistachio tree was exclusive to Syria and then has made its way to Italy. A manuscript related to the early sixteenth century states that pistachios were well known in Europe too.

Stock Exchange

The stock exchange is an organized organization, which is considered as one of the major column of capital market.

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Mashregh Zamin Zarrin Saffron Incorporation has been established to  support Iranian saffron producers and to enhance the quality of Iranian saffron to meet customers satisfaction. The farmers and producers of saffron are the main core of shareholders.
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The introduction of Torbat Heydariyeh Saffron in the country and all over the world through Stock Exchange  was one of the most important subject done for the first time by  Mashregh Zamin Zarrin Saffron Incorporation inserting  inserting  several symbols for saffron.
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