Mashregh Zamin Zarrin Saffron Incorporation

The introduction of Torbat Heydariyeh Saffron in the country and all over the world through Stock Exchange  was one of the most important subject done for the first time by  Mashregh Zamin Zarrin Saffron Incorporation inserting  inserting  several symbols for saffron. Entering the stock exchange, saffron quality was improved, its price clarified, and it was introduced as Iranian saffron all over the world.  Daily dazzling swappings and transactions value, the first Saffron Future Exchange in the world was established in Torbat Heydarieh  by the company. The stock Exchange causes saffron-workers to consider cultivation, growing, harvesting, separation and drying standards which draws world trust toward Iranian saffron brand.



Torbat Heidarieh, Khorasan Razavi Province

No: 7, Omid Building, Martyr Soleimani 6- Shahid Soleimani St.

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